The Information Highway – is it worth the Risk?

The Information Highway - is it worth the Risk? Where are you Wisdom? We abandoned you for the sake of Knowledge! Where are you Knowledge? We lost you in the pursuit of Information! (TS Elliot). There is little doubt that in our times, the most expensive item is an item of information. For its discovery, collection, and transmission, we spend enormous amounts of money. Dealing with items of information has become one of the most popular and profitable industries, whilst at the same time it has acquired a significant degree of influence in our society. So, we now have the [...]

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The Information Highway and the Christian (B)

    The Information Highway and the Christian (B) Advances in digital technology produced the science of computing, which resulted in the explosion of information and made it available worldwide. The age of the Information Highway had arrived! In the previous issue of this periodical, the negative aspects of the Information Highway were discussed e.g. stress, anxiety, distortion of truth, mental confusion and brain overload, leading to distortion of spiritual values. In view of these negative effects, we Christians have to defend ourselves against the deleterious effects of the Information Highway. The problem is how we defend ourselves against the [...]

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