Saint Lazarus

Saint Lazarus November 7 Listen to the Saint's life in Greek: Related links: Saint Lazarus the Iconographer (Mystagogy)

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The Rich Man and Lazarus – Luke 16: 19-31

Gospel Reading November 2nd (Luke 16: 19-31) The Rich Man and Lazarus A number of messages can be drawn from the severe contrast this parable presents between the earthly lives of the rich man and Lazarus and also their experiences in the next life. The first message is that there is a life after death and that what we do in our earthly lives will determine how we will experience eternity. It was not the rich man’s wealth as such that condemned him. The reference to Lazarus being carried by angels to “Abraham’s bosom” (Luke 16: 22) (Abraham was a [...]

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John 11: 1-45 – Lazarus Saturday

Gospel Reading April 12th (John 11: 1-45) Lazarus Saturday This Gospel passage narrates the circumstances in which Christ raised Lazarus from the dead. Coming only two days before Holy Week, Lazarus Saturday is a powerful reminder to Orthodox faithful of one of the key purposes of Christ’s approaching Passion and suffering – that we might learn that He has complete power over death. It is the ‘tremor’ which precedes the coming ‘earthquake’ of the Resurrection. St John Chrysostom’s homily on this passage focuses our attention on why Christ, despite being informed of Lazarus’s illness, nevertheless lets him die. He could [...]

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