Achilles, Bishop of Larissa – Commemorated on May 15

Achilles, Bishop of Larissa Commemorated on May 15  Achilles was born in Cappadocia (in modern day Turkey) of devout and noble parents who afforded him a good education. Through fasting and vigils, he made constant progress, guarding his heart from worldly troubles and cares. He acted in a simple manner and always spoke gently. Still young at the time of his parents’ death, Achilles gave away his fortune and set out on pilgrimage to the Holy Land. He sought the company of those closely acquainted with God as he visited monasteries in the desert near Jerusalem. Achilles then went to [...]

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Saint Melania

Saint Melania December 31 Saint Melania was born to extremely wealthy, yet very devout Christian parents in Rome. At fourteen years of age, Melania was betrothed to an illustrious eighteen-year-old, Apinianus. Although this was against her will, she consented to the will of her parents. Melania asked her husband if they could live in chastity, however her husband wished to have two children in order to inherit their property and then he would consent to renouncing the world. Melania gave birth to a daughter whom they dedicated to God, and also a son, who was born premature and [...]

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Christmas December 25 Contemplating the Icon of the Nativity Christmas... Xmas Learn about this feast day (in English): Learn about this feast day (in Greek): Related links: Anthony M Coniaris, Daily Meditations and Prayers for Christmas Advent Fast and Epiphany (Orthodox Bookstore) Katherine Brahos Kermetz, Maria's Christmas to Remember (Orthodox Bookstore) Alvin Alexsi Currier, The Miraculous Child: A Christmas Folktale from Old Russia (Orthodox Bookstore) Julie Stiegemeyer, Saint Nicholas: The Real Story of the Christmas Legend (Orthodox Bookstore) Dennis Eugene Engleman, A Perfect Christmas (Orthodox Bookstore) Elizabeth Winthrop, The [...]

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Saint Juliana

Saint Juliana December 21 Saint Juliana was born to illustrious pagan parents and was betrothed to the noble pagan senator Eleusius who wished to marry the virgin as quickly as possible. Without her family knowing, Juliana had come to know the Truth through the Christian faith and resolved to preserve her virginity for our Lord Jesus Christ. For this reason, she tried with all her might to delay her marriage to Eleusis through various distractions. The most prominent was her apparent love for worldly status and stated that she would only marry him if he became Prefect [...]

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