Gospel Reading December 25th (Matthew 2:1-12)

Gospel Reading December 25th (Matthew 2:1-12)   This passage from Gospel of Matthew recounts the visit paid by the wise men from the East when Christ was born. The wise men or “Magi”, who were scholars of their time, arrived in Jerusalem, most likely from Persia, and approached king Herod saying, “Where is He who has been born a King of the Jews? For we have seen His star in the East and have come to worship him”. When King Herod heard why the Magi had come to Jerusalem, he was troubled because he felt the new-born King would threaten [...]

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Saint Matthew the Evangelist and Apostle

Saint Matthew the Evangelist and Apostle November 16 The Holy Apostle and Evangelist Matthew was one of the Twelve Disciples of Christ. Before his calling as a disciple, he lived as a tax-collector for Rome, a profession looked down upon by the Jews, having the stigma of “public sinner” and “idol-worshipper”. When Jesus called Matthew to follow Him, Christ had dinner at the future evangelist’s house together with other publicans and known sinners. Matthew repented of his sins and repaid fourfold anyone he had cheated and then distributed his remaining possessions to the poor. After the descent of the [...]

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Matthew 17: 14-23 – 10th Sunday of Matthew

Gospel Reading Matthew 17: 14-23 (10th Sunday of Matthew) In this passage, the Evangelist Matthew narrates the healing of the young epileptic. It is important to understand the context in which this healing took place. Christ had taken the three leading disciples – Peter, James and John – to Mount Tabor so that they could witness His Transfiguration. While Christ was away, the father of the young epileptic approached the remaining nine disciples to see if they could cure his son. They could not. This was despite the fact that all of the disciples had been given power by Christ [...]

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