The Miraculous Holy Cloud

The Miraculous Holy Cloud The following is an account from a young man who went on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem this year. Every year, on the Old Calendar Feast of the Transfiguration of Our Lord (August 19), a light-bearing cloud descends upon Mount Tabor in a miraculous fashion, which I was blessed to see for myself in August this year. Mount Tabor is situated on a 500m hill in the region of Galilee. According to sacred tradition, it was upon this hill that Jesus Christ took his three beloved disciples up, 40 days prior to his Crucifixion, and transfigured before [...]

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“You know where to go!” A miracle of Saint Xenia of St Petersburg in Oakland, California

“You know where to go!” A miracle of Saint Xenia of St Petersburg in Oakland, California The sermons of Fr Weldon, an evangelical pastor, attracted many types of people, including a youth who arrived at church riding a Harley Davidson, who was however sincerely interested in his faith. Having started to transform his life, the young man struggled daily, conquering all passions but one – “biking”. Hearing that he must surrender this, he left the community despondent and intended never to return. Being involved in a terrible motorcycle accident that cost him his legs, the man landed back into the [...]

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St Nectarios and the Village in Romania

St Nectarios and the Village in Romania In a village of Romania, the people constantly pleaded with their Patriarch to send them a priest. Unfortunately, the Patriarch had no priest to send, and since no priest was in the village, no Sacraments or Liturgies could be performed: no marriages, baptisms or funerals. One day a car pulled up outside the village church and out came a priest. The villagers were surprised but pleased. They warmly welcomed him and asked how the Patriarch was able to send him when he told them he had no extra priests. He answered: “Didn’t you [...]

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The Archbishop and Mr Liu

The Archbishop and Mr Liu St John Maximovitch (1896-1966) is a recently canonized Saint of our Church, who served as Archbishop of the Russian Orthodox Church variously in Shanghai, Paris and San Francisco. A remarkable incident which occurred during St John's time in San Francisco testifies to several aspects of his holiness: his spiritual boldness based on absolute faith, his ability to overcome the bounds of space and time by spiritual sight, and the power of his prayer which beyond all doubt worked miracles. A certain Mr Liu was involved in a car accident in San Francisco in 1963 and [...]

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Elder Paisios and the Paralysed Man

Elder Paisios and the Paralysed Man A paralysed man named Constantine visited Mount Athos in 1981. He had been suffering from a chronic neurological syndrome for 30 years which confined him to a wheelchair. At the Monastery of Grigoriou, he met a rich businessman who offered to pay for him to be operated on in America. Constantine became very excited at the idea of being healed but he went to ask Elder Paisios for his opinion. He met the Elder at Karyes and spoke to him about this situation. The Elder crossed his head with the relics of St Arsenios [...]

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