Divine Liturgy Hymn of Praise of the Anaphora

Divine Liturgy Hymn of Praise of the Anaphora This Hymn is chanted during the Anaphora[1] at the climax of the Holy Liturgy, in anticipation, during and in response to the consecration of the Holy Gifts into the Divine Body and Blood of Jesus Christ. In most Parishes as the Hymn is chanted, the Priest says the prayers of the Epiclesis (calling down from above), an earnest plea to God the Father to send down the Holy Spirit to change the gifts we offer into the Divine Gifts of Christ’s own Body and Blood. According to St Germanos, this is a [...]

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Alleluia – Ἀλληλούϊα.

Alleluia - Ἀλληλούϊα.   The use of the exclamation, "Alleluia"  was inherited by the first Christians from Hebrew worship. It means, "God be praised" or "Praise God". In the Orthodox Church it is in itself an exclamation as well as an exhortation to praise God. It is used throughout all the prayers and services of the Orthodox Church. However, it's deeper significance is derived from its use in the Holy Liturgy which is the pre-eminent service of worship in the Orthodox Church and the source for all the other Church Services. In the Holy Liturgy, it is sung as a [...]

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