St John Climacus on Repentance

From the Holy Fathers St John Climacus on Repentance “The Ladder of Divine Ascent” by St John Climacus is one of the most studied books in Orthodoxy. St John (579-649 AD) entered the monastic life at a young age, later becoming abbot of the central monastery on Mt Sinai. He wrote the “Ladder” as a spiritual guide for monks in a neighbouring monastery, which helps explain the uncompromising tone of the “Ladder”. Although written for monks, it has nonetheless been treasured by lay people for hundreds of years. The “Ladder” is divided into 30 steps, or chapters, to guide the [...]

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Holy Father Nikon, the Preacher of Repentance

Holy Father Nikon, the Preacher of Repentance Commemorated on 26th November Born in 930 AD near Pontus, Nikon had a privileged upbringing. He witnessed the laborious toils of the field-workers on his father’s estate as a child and contemplating this as he grew, he realised that working hard on a field or living comfortably and wealthy, all people will go to the grave in the end - in the hands of God.  Nikon decided to become a monk and joined the Monastery of the Golden Stone, located on the borders of Pontus in the north-east of today’s Turkey. He shrugged [...]

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