Saint Nectarios the Wonderworker

Saint Nectarios the Wonderworker November 9 Nectarios of Aegina, Bishop of Pentapolis, is one of the most well known modern saints in the Orthodox Church. He was born in Selyvria near Thrace, and being from a poor family, had to travel to Constantinople alone to earn a living. At 14 years of age, Nectarios (known then as Anastaios) had no money and asked the captain if he could board his ship to Constantinople for free. The captain refused, but the ship’s engines would not start. The captain then looked over to the dock and saw the pitiful Nectarios [...]

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St Nectarios and the Village in Romania

St Nectarios and the Village in Romania In a village of Romania, the people constantly pleaded with their Patriarch to send them a priest. Unfortunately, the Patriarch had no priest to send, and since no priest was in the village, no Sacraments or Liturgies could be performed: no marriages, baptisms or funerals. One day a car pulled up outside the village church and out came a priest. The villagers were surprised but pleased. They warmly welcomed him and asked how the Patriarch was able to send him when he told them he had no extra priests. He answered: “Didn’t you [...]

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