Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker

Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker December 6 Saint Nicholas was a child of God from a young age, being a miraculous answer to the prayers of his barren parents. Having given birth to the baby Nicholas, his mother was immediately healed from an illness, foretelling of the great future of the Saint. At his baptism, the new born stood for three hours in the font without any help, thereby honouring the Holy Trinity. As a baby, he would not accept milk from his mother on Wednesdays and Fridays, honouring the fasts of the Church. As a young boy, Nicholas [...]

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Saint Gregory the Wonderworker

Saint Gregory the Wonderworker November 17 Saint Gregory the Wonderworker of Neocaesarea was born into a pagan family in which he was provided a fine education. He sought the Truth through philosophy and intellectual thought, but was not able to find it in any of the ancient authors, but only through the Holy Scriptures, and thus was baptised a Christian. Saint Gregory excelled in virtue, and for this reason, envy was aroused among the unfaithful. Once, during a conversation with philosophers in the city square, an infamous harlot approached him, demanding him to pay for the supposed services [...]

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Saint Nectarios the Wonderworker

Saint Nectarios the Wonderworker November 9 Nectarios of Aegina, Bishop of Pentapolis, is one of the most well known modern saints in the Orthodox Church. He was born in Selyvria near Thrace, and being from a poor family, had to travel to Constantinople alone to earn a living. At 14 years of age, Nectarios (known then as Anastaios) had no money and asked the captain if he could board his ship to Constantinople for free. The captain refused, but the ship’s engines would not start. The captain then looked over to the dock and saw the pitiful Nectarios [...]

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