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Confession Throughout our lives we strive to follow the teachings of Christ and the Church. We are called to be ‘God-like’ and to follow the example that Jesus set before us. Yet so often we find ourselves giving into temptation and falling into sin which causes a separation in our relationship with God. The Church, in her wisdom, provides us a guide – a Spiritual Father to help us navigate our way back to God through the sacrament of Holy Confession with Repentance. The gift of God’s forgiveness is given to us in the Sacrament of Confession. Christ gave his [...]

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St Seraphim of Sarov On Gluttony

St Seraphim of Sarov On Gluttony Why does the Orthodox Church place such an emphasis on eating during the spiritually intense Lenten period? Food is a blessing. Jesus shared many meals with his disciples and followers. Enjoying food is not a sin. However, one can reach a point where eating becomes excessive, and distorted as merely pleasure, or even as a comfort. Food can even become an addiction. This is not an exaggeration considering the obesity epidemic in developed countries. The medical profession has long called for temperance. The Church regards gluttony as a sin. The Holy Fathers have not [...]

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