Words do not Change Reality


Every citizen born and raised in a Country where his forefathers lived and established themselves for centuries, loves and defends the place of his birth, and feels happy and secure only there. This is particularly true for the Greek people, who since antiquity the ideal was that their Country was superior to father, mother and anything else. The Spartan women when sending their sons to war, on giving them the Shield, the major armour of protection, were saying to them – “Come back either with it (as victor), or on it (as dead)”. The moral of the words being, do not come back defeated. Victory was the only option in a war. And certainly, victory was the outcome in most conflicts the various Greek states were involved in – from antiquity until the war of liberation of the whole Nation from the Ottoman Empire in 1821.

The idea of the superiority of the country of birth is very old, in fact since the time of Ancient Egypt. The Earth was referred to as the mother of every person, and in fact was considered as the source of curing all illnesses, since medicines and other healing physical procedures were derived from it. For instance, a headache could be cured by placing a live fish on top of the head, whilst the unconscious patient would recover by making one or two holes in his skull (trephining) to relieve the pressure in it, without regard as to what might lay beyond the holes!

The concept of dependence on earth or the place of one’s birth permeated throughout the ancient world, and has remained as such with various degrees of empathy in all nations. As a result, the history of mankind is mostly filled with the history and outcomes of wars between countries, small and large, each defending its territory with all its might. In our times, the Greek Nation has been preoccupied by assertions of one of its northern neighbours that they have territorial rights on the northern province of Macedonia. It is known worldwide that the area had been Greek for 4000 years, since they have used the Greek alphabet all this time, all archaeological inscriptions are written in that alphabet, and throughout the centuries the basic language was Greek, and not Slavic, as the impostors claim. Further, they claim that Alexander the Great and his father Phillip were not of Greek descent, and yet they spoke and wrote in Greek, and spread the Greek civilisation to the then known world. There was found no single inscription in the Slavic language anywhere so far as at the time of the famous Greek kings; the slavs had not yet arrived in the area until the 6th century AD, 900 years after the appearance of Phillip and Alexander.

Our Slavic northern neighbours, who number hardly 1.5 million people, know well their claims are spurious, false and purely political, organised by communist dictator Tito with the help of a few traitors of the Greek left. These people did not care selling part of their country for acquiring favour, both in the panslavic character of their political masters, and above all upgrade their stocks with Stalin.

Since the World knows the truth, and the majority on planet Earth are made up of honest and thoughtful people, our northern neighbours would do well to abide with what they have, and remain friendly with the countries that surround them. When they come to their senses, they will reap more benefits than maintaining their current absurd and laughable stance.


Source: Lychnos June 2018 / July 2018