Living the Liturgy by Stanley S. Harakas

Living the Liturgy by Stanley S. Harakas Published by Light & Life, 1974. Full of meaning and undoubtedly relevant to today’s Christian community, the book “Living the Liturgy” contains the answers to one of the most common dilemmas faced in the Orthodox Faith. This book aims to help many Orthodox Christians who struggle to find the meaning of going to Church and participating in the Divine Liturgy. In the introduction we find out about three keys which open the door to understanding the liturgy. In the first chapter, we find out about the first key which is understanding what the [...]

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The Divine Liturgy

The Divine Liturgy For us today, the Divine Liturgy is a weekly staple of our Christian lives. We drive to church on a Sunday, walk into a great building with flickering candles and hand-painted icons, gold leaf and carved wood, embroidered vestments, burning incense and chanting filling every corner of the church. In the early Church, attending services was not a weekly event. For the ancient Christians, the Divine Liturgy was seen as such a sacred cornerstone of the Faith that it was held every day. No more than fifty Christians would gather together. They had no churches. Liturgies were [...]

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