Youth Fellowships (Ομάδες) The Orthodox Youth Fellowships (Ομάδες) are groups where young people of high school age learn about how to live their Orthodox Christian Faith together with true friends who share the same goals in life with each other. At Ομάδα young people can develop friendships that will last forever and more importantly, develop a living relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. . They meet weekly on a Friday night or Saturday afternoon for a couple of hours, playing indoor and outdoor games, singing, hearing and participating in lessons on many aspects of our Faith. Lessons can cover [...]

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Encounter with the Youth

Part 4: Encounter with the Youth In November 2012, with the blessings of His Eminence Archbishop Stylianos and His Eminence Metropolitan Konstantinos of Singapore, eight men from the Greek Orthodox Christian Society travelled to Medan, Indonesia, at the request of Fr Chrysostomos Manalu, an Orthodox priest of Indonesian background. This is the fourth of a series of articles outlining aspects of this missionary visit. As young members of this mission group we had a number of blessed encounters with the youth at St Paul's Theological College, who welcomed us warmly and with great enthusiasm. During the first seminars that we [...]

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FREEDOM - REALITY OR FANTASY ? The dominant dream of young people is to be free. There is no nation on earth, the history of which does not include a fight for freedom, and this fight almost always is spearheaded by its younger generation. At the personal level, young people want to be free of any constraint, as they feel that this path will advance themselves, and achieve great things in this world. What would be your response, if someone tells you, to really be free you have to submit yourself to some form of discipline, you have to sacrifice [...]

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Youth and Society – How to Face the New Year

YOUTH AND SOCIETY   HOW TO FACE THE NEW YEAR   A New Year is just around the corner. Yes, it is a time for joy and celebration, but these last a matter of days. The excitement of Christmas, the presents, and the holidays, subside, and are succeeded by the previous routine. It is then, that young people face the New Year with trepidation and uncertainty. You might wonder, why should they feel like that? The adolescents and the people who enter the period of early adulthood, have a very critical and penetrating mind, and understand that every day of [...]

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